Upgrade from 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 issue — met "Reload libudf Failed!" when force install all queries



Error message

Met below error when running gsql install query -force all [========================================================== ] 95% (103/109) m 1: Reload libudf Failed!m3: Reload libudf Failed! m2: Reload libudf Failed! ERROR.20220621-152201.117:

E@20220621 18:24:16.032 tigergraph||00000000008 (AdminServiceClient.java:578) reload libudf fails with code: 8 errmsg: Failed GPEReInit,/data/data1/tigergraph/app/3.5.3/bin//libudf/libudf_ANGIE_DE_Sandpit.so.dir/1655799855675: undefined symbol: _ZN6UDIMPL16ANGIE_DE_Sandpit29call_q_GWI_traversal_subqueryEPN5gapi411UDFGraphAPIERN7gpelib420EngineServiceRequestERN6gperun10ServiceAPIESt10shared_ptrIN9topology412GraphUpdatesEE6VERTEXl E@20220621 18:24:16.033 tigergraph||00000000008 (RequestFromCompileServerInternalHandler.java:231) Error message '' for received request from compile server: '{ "request": "reloadLibudf", "replica": 3, "data": "" }'


A deprecated subquery (the main query should be marked as disabled, however, it is not), this will cause “gsql install query -force *” failure.


Find and delete the call queries


1.Find and delete the call queries

2.Running gsql install query -force * again