How to upgrade version from 3.0.0 or greater to 3.1.5

The TigerGraph installation package also contains the ability to upgrade from a previous version using the same script as follows: -U


Before updating, the installer will ask to confirm that some precheck steps are run.

  1. Download and unzip the following tar package:

    gsql- check.tar.gz
    tar -xzvf upgrade-3.1.5-check/upgrade-3.1.5-gsql-check.tar.gz
  2. There are two files in the package:

  3. Run the check command as follows:

  4. If the check passes, continue as is. Otherwise, please open a ticket with TigerGraph Support and provide the following files:

    tar -czvf /tmp/catalog_check.tar.gz /tmp/gsql_check_catalog/
    $(gadmin config get System.DataRoot)/gstore/0/part/config.yaml