Error While Loading Shared Libraries


The GPE status is “down” and unable to be started back up.

Error message

The GPE.out log has the following error:

Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


A couple of areas to check: 1.Check to see if the file exists:

grun all 'ls -lrt [TG_PATH]/app/3.1.1/bin/'

Note: Some customers (like JPMC) are unable to run the grun command since it requires an ssh password, and they have audit-related restrictions on their end for entering plain text passwords. In that case, they can just log into each node, then run the ls -lrt command manually.

2.Check to see where GPE is loading the shared object library from:

gadmin config get GPE.BasicConfig.Env

Based on the output above, we need to ensure that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is pointing to their current version of TigerGraph installation. (For example…it might be pointing to $TIGER_ROOT/app/3.0.5/bin, when you’re using 3.1.1)


Perform the following actions to point the incorrect configurations to the correct environment variables***. 1.Run the following command:

gadmin config entry GPE.BasicConfig.Env

2.Update the following configurations to point to the specified environment variables:


The remaining configurations should remain the same.

3.Apply configurations:

gadmin config apply -y

4.Restart the GPE service:

gadmin restart gpe

Note: In the ticket pertaining to this article, these environment variables were the suggested default values for LD_PRELOAD_ and LD_LIBRARY_PATH as of 3.1.1.