Create a support/bug ticket for quickest resolution


In order to provide the best support experience and the fastest resolution, please gather as much of the following information as possible. Not only will this help us to quickly diagnose the issue, but it will help us to quickly escalate (if necessary) and resolve it, as this is the information our engineering teams need in order to replicate and fix issues.

NOTE: Urgent should be reserved for Critical Business Impact to Production Operations only. Setting the ticket to Urgent will alert the on-call immediately 24/7.[TigerGraph Product Support Policy - TigerGraph ]
Complete support ticket: attach files from step 1 and provide all info from step 2


Step 1: Gather relevant files

1.Schema 2.Query 3.Loading job 4.Data 5.Screenshots 6.Any other relevant/supporting logs or files (gpe, gse, and restpp logs for the last 24hrs will be automatically collected by the support bundle) 7.Support bundle (Except TG Cloud) - Run Support Collector (at the bottom of this article)

Step 2: Write down pertinent information

1.Solution ID (TG Cloud only) 2.Original symptoms (What was seen that warranted investigation?) 3.Changes/Actions taken around the start of the issue (What might have triggered it?) 4.Troubleshooting 4-1)What investigatory steps were taken? 4-2)What was tried to resolve the issue and what were the results? 5.What, if anything, resolved the immediate situation (such as a service restart or workaround query or config)? 6.Is there a root cause or causes you suspect? 7.What is the immediate business impact 7-1)Environment: Production, Staging, or Development 7-2)Type of impact: Outage, Degradation, Data, Security Violation, or None 7-3)Frequency: Intermittent or constant impact If intermittent, how often and for how long? 7-4)Business criticality of application: Major, Medium, Minor. 7-5)Urgency of resolution (speed): Immediately, When-Possible, Not-Urgent

Step 3: Support ticket

1.Review ticket Priority Levels 1.1 Urgent Production-only - AND - Complete outage, data loss/corruption, or data security violation - AND - No workaround available 1.2 High Production degraded Non-production outage/data/security impact 1.3 Medium Non-production degraded Minor impact to production 1.4 Low Installation/upgrade questions Configuration information Clarification of documentation