Unable to restore on a different machine

Error message

When running a GBAR backup on machine M1 and trying to restore on machine M2, getting the below error:

Fail on restore, Entry tigergraph_backup-20220610092528-dict.tgdat, get checksum 0f4535399a3e8e3cf9e15e140d7b9b5b, should be 11346a3298e96ab41101681589006869,Entry tigergraph_backup-20220610092528-gui.tgz, get checksum 34da1fc193e74af9ca7413cc11ab7dc9, should be 830e7bb3af92a534a581d681523abb40


The permission of the backup files maybe has been modified after scp to the new single node.


The original permission of the backup folder and files are 744 and 644, modify the permission to 744 and 644.


Describe the solution in a short, step-by-step guide:

Modifying the permission of the backup folder to 744

Modifying the permission of files in the backup folder to 644

Try the restore again